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Check out our wide range of clothing alterations and tailoring services.

 Our expert staff can help with all of your alteration and tailoring needs.  

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Meet Our Experts

(NJ) Yvonne Barrett

CEO, Designer

Attended the Illinois Institute of Art for Fashion Production. Internship at The Merchandise Mart Apparel Center. Participated in a plethora of fashion shows for Chicago Underground Fashion Scene (Downtown Julie Brown).  Taught Sewing class at Chicago Public School and sold clothes in five boutiques. Frequently, attends trade shows to keep current on the latest fashion trends.

 (Aki Rah) Roman Bailey

Head Tailor

Over 45 years of experience, excellent craftsmanship & attention to detail. Established in 1974, Mr. Bailey is a ex-baseball play for Kansas City Royal.

 After assisting his mother during his travels, Mr. Bailey decided to continue operating the business after his mom passed. Aki Rah is very passionate about the art of tailoring, designing custom apparel. You can find his personal clothing among many celebrities, sports figures and entertainers.

(J5) Javonnie Davis

Tailor's Apprentice

Our tailor's apprentice is in training, working a set amount of hours to culminate a certificate of Completing our apprenticeship program. This is equivalent to attending college. Gaining hands-on experience while training  on professional tools for bespoke tailoring, industrial grade sewing machines, interacting with customers taking measurements, and cutting fabric to make alterations.